Nikita Voloboev: Writing, Research and Development

Nikita Voloboev is a developer and coder that has worked on several projects, and right now is creating a full wiki dedicated to the things he has learned during his time on them. A dedicated and resourceful programmer, he has created a lot of different works that are designed to teach and inspire others.



Voloboev has a real passion for coding and sharing what he knows online. That is why he has a GitHub page, where he has shared the code that he’s worked on for others to use. You can also support him through the GitHub page by donating if you so choose.

He also has a deep personal interest in macOS, and programming for that system. As well as the code that you can see on GitHub, you can join the Telegram group that he has created. That allows others with similar interests to come together and share ideas.


Nikita Voloboev has a keen interest in writing and has written numerous essays on a variety of topics. He enjoys exploring and researching new subjects, and using his writing as a way to share his knowledge and insights with others. His writing often focuses on thought-provoking and interesting topics, and he has a talent for presenting complex ideas in a clear and engaging way. Whether it's delving into the latest scientific research, discussing social issues, or exploring the intricacies of literature, Nikita's writing is sure to captivate and inspire readers. Get the best academic results using professional "write my paper" assistance from top-notch writers with experience in your subject.

Voloboev’s Past Projects

On Voloboev’s site, you can easily find a full list of all of the projects that he’s worked on in the past. That includes tools such as License Up, which allows you to create a license for any given name, and Markdown parse, which helps you parse Markdown to grab various things.

He has also worked on Learn Anything, an open-source website that is designed to help you get an understanding of any topic, as fast as possible. Open source is at the heart of a lot of the work he does, and he is always looking to share his work with others.

You will also find some examples of workflows that he has created, such as those for web searches, browsing Awesome Lists, and more.


Other Projects

Other than coding and developing, Voloboev has dedicated himself to a lot of other projects too. For example, for those wanting to learn more about coding and find it easier to learn through video, he has created a YouTube channel where he uploads videos on various functions.

He also creates music playlists of the bands he is listening to and discovering at the moment, which offers his followers another insight into what he’s interested in.

If you look on his wiki, you will even see that he keeps a dedicated journal. This is described as a personal journal, where he records what he learns and the things that he’s interested in. It is something that many coders would want to take a look at, as the page offers a lot of useful details and links to resources that he discovers. The journal goes back several years, so there is lots to check out.

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