I am currently making Learn Anything, sharing things, writing a wiki and building ideas.

My current and past projects include:

Learn Anything

Learn Anything is an Open Source website that searches user curated interactive maps of links and resources to learn anything in the most efficient way.

I genuinely believe it can change the world for the better. Imagine a world where everyone knows what Internet is, what privacy is, what programming and computer science is and how to make computers do awesome things for you. A world where everyone knows a programming language and can automate routine and boring things so to not ever do them again.

A world where knowledge and knowledge sharing is respected and encouraged and everyone can leverage on the knowledge of all the people of the world.

The most awesome thing about this project is that it is run by a community of awesome people and anyone can contribute to making it better for everyone.

Alfred Workflows

I love programming in Go and making Alfred workflows.

Here are some workflows I made that I use myself daily:

CLI tools

Go libraries

My macOS and iOS workflow

I also share fully my macOS and iOS personal setups. Where I share which applications and tools I use and love. I also share my dotfiles.

Curated lists

I mostly focus on curating and maintaining the multitude of Learn Anything curated lists which include things like books, courses, blogs and more.

And I made a curated list of privacy respecting tools and services.

Other things

I am continuously learning, writing, reading books and research papers, making videos and writing code.