I am currently focusing my time on making and improving Learn Anything, sharing everything I know in a wiki and building the ideas I have.

I am continuously learning, reading books and writing various tools and Alfred workflows for my own personal productivity.

My current and past projects include :

Learn Anything

Learn Anything is an Open Source Website that searches user curated Mind Maps of links and resources to learn anything in the most efficient way.

I genuinely believe it can change the world for the better. Imagine a world where everyone knows what Internet is, what privacy is, what programming and computer science is and how to make computers do awesome things for you. A world where everyone knows a programming language and can automate routine and boring things so to not ever do them again.

A world where knowledge and knowledge sharing is respected and encouraged and everyone can leverage on the knowledge of all the people of the world.

The most awesome thing about this project is that it is run by a community of awesome people and anyone can contribute to making it better for everyone.

Crafting Ideas

I have many ideas but little time to implement everything I wish.

Ideas can change the world. In cases you have an awesome idea but lack the skills or funding for it, there is not a lot you can do outside from working on it on your own, asking your friends or asking for help on the internet.

I want to create a website where people can share their ideas freely with anyone and have a public and private backlog of ideas. Anyone can come to your profile and see what ideas you wish to work on and anyone can message you to offer help or simply talk with you about this awesome idea you have and together you can go build it and make it a thing.

This platform’s features should focus on minimising the time that it takes from getting a raw idea out into the world and seeing it grow.

The website is fully Open Source so anyone can help to join and build this awesome thing together.

Alfred Workflows

Aside from these two projects, I really like programming in Go and making Alfred workflows.

Here are some workflows I made that I use myself daily :

Other projects

Here you can find other things I have shared and made.