I have been vegeterian for over 4 years now and it has been one of the best decisions I have made thus far in my life.

I think everyone has a choice nowadays of what they can eat and animal suffering can be avoided.


I really love sharing things I make and I am really open about most things I do and like as can be seen in this page already.

I share most of the code I write and release it as Open Source for all other people to use and reuse as they like.

And I love tracking all the various things about myself.


I share my knowledge and experiences by writing about it in my blog and I maintain my own written knowledge wiki in the spirit of continuous learning.


I really love listening to new and interesting music and I curate many playlists of music I like.


I really like collecting beautiful photographs and images but also creating photographs of my own.

Great Software

Most notably

But there is many more.

I hope to build my own app or tool that will join this list soon too.


I am a bit obsessed with automation and productivity. And I like to share all the interesting things I learn on this journey to a perfect setup.

Of course automation is not all and everything that I do but it greatly increases my satisfaction and happiness as I love focusing on solving problems and making new and interesting things rather than repeating myself over and over again.


I curate a GitHub list of all the interesting quotes I like here.

Below are some of my favourite quotes that I really love.

Starting with my favourite quote of all by Alan Watts.

If you don’t know Alan Watts, I really do reccomend you check who he is. He wrote a few books and did many talks.

And here are some more quotes I really love.